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Issues To Concentrate On While Working With TON Blockchain

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Working with TON, you will interact with two programming languages: Func and Fift. Func is a C-like language developed for writing smart contracts. Although it’d look a bit complicated, when you get used to it, the language makes sense and in reality, appears quite complete. Fift is a stack-based language that serves as a language of interaction with TON. It incorporates TVM and Fift assembly directions that TON «understands».

Should you wished to cheat and, say, alter any past transaction (so, say, you could have more money than you are presupposed to), you’d need to in some way alter the histories throughout all of the impartial computer systems on the system. Or be part of the community with sufficient new computers to vote your cheats into «fact.» This is known as a 51% assault. In massive systems like Bitcoin, such an attack would be impossibly expensive – you’d must run too many computers. On Stellar, such attacks are unattainable, by design, thanks to the Stellar’s Proof-of-Settlement consensus mechanism. Submitting unhealthy information in actual-time additionally doesn’t work as a result of finally your selfish intention will be voted down and the community will agree on the proper information.

All six licenses can be found on the a16z crypto GitHub, and our authorized primer (PDF) provides quite a few further issues for potential modifications. To that finish, we’re also putting the licenses themselves under the CC0 settlement (and site – – thus dedicating the copyright to the public domain) so the community can use, fork, iterate on, and enhance the licenses with the best attainable freedom.

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