Honey – Uses, Benefits And Aspect-Effects

Honey, also called Madhu in Ayurvedic scriptures, is considered one of the most important healing elements used in Ayurveda. It’s an antiseptic, antimicrobial, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergen, ロイヤルハニーオフィシャル detoxifying, sedative, laxative, antioxidant, healing, cleansing (external and inner), moisturizing, and blood purifying. It promotes rehydration, is definitely digestible, stimulates immunity, and is useful for all sorts of skin issues.

An Ayurvedic Perspective on Honey

As per Ayurveda, honey is acknowledged by many names that often differ from one region to the other. The commonest names are makshika, madwikam, kshaudram, saradham, vantham, varadi,bringavantham and pushparasolbhavam.

In response to famend Ayurvedic scholar Acharya Sushruta, mature honey balances vitiated Tridosha in the physique, whereas immature honey vitiates Tridoshas, and is bitter in style. It is the best Yogavahi in Ayurveda, as it carries the consequences of the herbal extracts added to it without changing its personal properties. This implies that it enhances the properties and actions of the substances with which it combines.

Ayurvedic Attributes of Honey

Rasa (Taste): Madhur (Candy)

Guna: Ruksha (Dry)

Anurasa (Sub-taste): Kshyay (Astringent)

Vipaak (Publish digestive effect): Madhura

Veerya (Potency): Ushna

Dosha karma (Properties): Vata Kapha Balancing

Honey for different skin sorts and issues

For acne and pimples

Honey has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that assist in not only the removal of excess oil from the floor of the pores and skin but in addition in clearing out any blockages or clogged pores.

Apply raw honey to the acne-prone areas, go away it for 15-20 minutes and rinse it off with normal water.

For a wholesome glow and even-toned pores and skin.

By adding honey to different components, you should utilize honey as a home treatment to brighten your pores and skin tone. Combine tomato juice and honey and massage this combine on the face for 5 minutes. Depart it on for 10 minutes before rinsing it off with normal water. Use it twice every week to scale back tanning, brighten the skin’s complexion, and get rid of spots and blemishes.

To treat sunburn

Honey is known to be one of the best remedies for treating sunburns. Honey promotes healing by reducing inflammation and providing nutrition to the damaged tissues. This is what makes honey an incredible remedy for sunburns.

Add one-part uncooked honey with two components of pure Aloe Vera gel. Apply this combine gently to the sunburnt pores and skin.

Things to keep away from

Honey shouldn’t be heated or consumed at room temperature because it can be toxic and there may be negative effects of honey. Cold honey is all the time most popular. In some instances, consuming excessive honey may lead to diarrhea. Pregnant or breastfeeding women ought to avoid taking raw honey as it may contain sure contaminants that harm the creating child and the mother.


What is honey used for?

From getting used for cooking functions, as a natural preservative, to being tried for the remedy of assorted diseases and health concerns, honey is that magic potion that works to your total exterior and internal health.

What are the advantages of honey within the body?

It aids in weight loss, strengthens the immune system, nourishes your skin and hair, improves reminiscence, is an efficient cough treatment, a pure home treatment for dandruff and frizzy hair, heals wounds, and acts as a pure sleeping aid.

What are the benefits of honey on the skin?

Enriched with antioxidants and medicinal properties, it combats dangerous free radicals that harm your pores and skin and helps alleviate acne, and wrinkles, as well as treat dehydrated and dry pores and skin. As a pure exfoliator, it gently removes dead pores and skin cells to make manner for fresh ones, enhancing the skin’s pure glow. It benefits each oily and dry skin by clearing acne, treating scars, evening out skin tone, and is deeply moisturizing to get nourished pores and skin.

Does honey make your hair develop faster?

Honey promotes the growth of epithelial cells within the pores and skin and plenty of consultants advocate honey for hair growth. The scalp, as an extension of the skin, has a number of epithelial cells that make up the many follicles and ducts which can be necessary for hair growth. Honey is an emollient, which helps seal moisture in the hair, thereby maintaining it easy and conditioned. This, in flip, makes your hair shafts and hair strands sturdy thereby reducing breakage, which is commonly the cause of slower hair growth.

How long do I depart honey on my face?

There are a lot of advantages of honey on face, If you’re using honey for healing purposes, it is strongly recommended that honey be utilized to the face for 15-20 minutes at a time. Honey does present hydration, and it has antioxidant properties. Leaving it in your face for a longer duration doesn’t harm you, but it can be messy and uncomfortable.

Does honey make hair white?

Honey comprises glucose, in addition to an enzyme referred to as glucose oxidase. This enzyme breaks down glucose, forsaking hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is able to bleaching melanin, the pigment liable for giving your hair color. Leaving honey on your hair for an prolonged interval is usually a natural alternative to harsh chemical bleaching treatments.

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