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On the other hand, cracked software releases are also very much frowned upon by android fans. Traditionally, android fans have been known to buy all of their software directly from the android store.

Simply put, you have to trust the source youre getting your applications from. If you want to download a cracked app, make sure that its directly coming from the website youre downloading it from and not from a fake website or a link on a blog or forum. Keep in mind that there is no guarantee that a free application will run correctly without doing some form of testing first.

Cracked android games are great because they often come with extra features that the official android app doesnt offer. If you want to play a game, make sure youre downloading it from a legitimate website. For example, some sites may advertise free android games but what theyre really advertising is a hacked version of the game that has been released publicly.

Furthermore, cracked games often times have problems that will make them not run properly on the actual android device. Ive heard that many people have issues with cracked games running incorrectly on their devices or causing excessive battery drain. I dont believe that this is always the case but if you want to play a game and its cracked make sure it runs properly.

Another thing to keep in mind is the developer of the game. Some devs put in a lot of their own time and money into developing a game. If a cracked game isnt a substantial improvement over the original game, then its probably not worth downloading. I agree with the popular sayings «If its cracked, it must be bad» and «if it works great, its official». But that doesnt always hold true.


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