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The Elden Ring is an online multiplayer RPG where you role-play as a member of the nobility of the now-defunct Kingdom of Elder, which went through a great age and a sudden decline.

As the main character, rise from a common sword-wielding warrior to a black-armored royal armored knight in a vast world full of dangers, and lead your allies to victory through the limitless possibilities of an action-packed story.

You will grow powerful through fighting alongside the other warriors in the glory of battle, collecting items, or exploring the dungeon.

Who is Going to Win 1 on 2?

Format: 1v1 Tournament

Number of Players: 4 on 4

(Min. 2 players per matchup.)

Date: September 20th, 2019 (Tomorrow)

Time: 18:00 ~ 22:00 GMT+9:00

Match Timings:

First Match: 14:00

2nd Match: 16:00

3rd Match: 18:00

4th Match: 20:00

Players are able to join in a match at the time of their choosing. If a scheduled match is already in progress, a new matchup will be made available.


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Easy and Simple System: Easy to play and uncomplicated to understand.
  • Gripping Action: Physical battles in a high-definition fantasy land of intrigue.
  • A Scrollless World: Fully-realized and a surprising battle! A world beyond hope.
  • The Depths of Dungeons: Complex dungeons and a massive variety of them!
  • An Adventure Shrouded in Mystery: Story elements with a variety of mysteries and games.
  • An Epic-scale World and Rich Secondary Content: A rich world and a variety of secondary contents.
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