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A bit of the story of the group of adventurers that fought against the dragon on the continent of Tarnis.
“It was a time when great knights and warriors still existed. The continent of Tarnis was a region full of mystery, and the word of a legend was told in whispers.
“It was told that a dragon lived deep in the continent. His power was said to be the mightiest in all the continent, and the one who fought him would become the strongest of them all. The people of the continent all wanted to be the one who helped the kingdom, so they eagerly participated in the fights and traveled together.
“As the story of these events was passed down, it started to become more and more mysterious. If the adventurers survived the castle, the two leaders seemed to be captured and another one was sentenced to death, but the one who had decided to travel to Tarnis had already escaped before the sentence was implemented.
“As they searched for the companions of the one who escaped, rumors came in whispers. When they understood that there was a man who ran away from the court while he was about to be beheaded, they deduced that he was the one responsible for the escape.
“In an atmosphere full of foreboding and bewilderment, these men, who believed in the legend, together with the man they sought, continued their journey.”


The Land Between is a fantasy world. Tarnis, the castle where the king resides, is a town where most people work and live.
The road from the east towards west goes through the castle. From the east, the road passes by the seaside before arriving at the west. On the road, there are many unknown lands and monsters, and legend holds that a dragon lives deep in these lands.
“Two brave men and one small boy, a small kingdom where only one full-grown man is called the king, and a small castle with high walls, where the king resides.”
“I believe that they are all looking for the strength to fight against the dragon, to protect the king, and to become stronger.”


There are six core classes you can choose from when you create a character, but you can further customize them and assign the characteristics that suit your play style. You can also freely change your character’s appearance.
When creating your character, you can choose


Features Key:

  • A Vast World Full of Excitement.
  • Create your own character.
  • A multilayered story told in fragments.
  • Online play that loosely connects you to others.
  • Elden Ring Key Features:

    • A Vast World Full of Excitement.
    • Create your own character.
    • A multilayered story told in fragments.
    • Online play that loosely connects you to others.

    Recent changes can be tracked here.Tue, 19 Oct 2014 13:46:40 +0000Wed, 22 May 2018 00:34:46 +0000Crypt of the Nurgle – Update 1.0.9 App (NPC Name Change) (I added CO$) – released CO$ as a non-elite for any new or returning players.
    Update v1.1.1 will be the first major area unlock for new and returning players.
    Pending content to add include the Power Elf Arena and the Burning Warrior.
    That all being said, not many updates is why the price.
    Thank you to all who have continued to support the Twitch partnership with the divinity.
    Many of you have said your support for the project for many years, and who understood and celebrated my decal work with COD4 and Undead: Army of the Dead. The Divinity team is very grateful!
    At present, the CO$ is a private beta for the initial offer, in general balance and level I suggest to 15.
    The new high divinity divans will be between 8 and 10.
    Thus, I would highly recommend CO$ players a familiarization with the work and the equipment before indulging into Chaos.
    Thank you!
    With gratitude and respect.

    Greetings to the community!

    Welcome to the first round of the Rank-Up!
    If you read this you have successfully been selected for


    Elden Ring With Serial Key Free (Updated 2022)

    Reviewed by 『TheGameBuffs』

    Reviewed on August 17, 2016

    Everybody loves to take on more than they can handle. How much of a challenge can you handle? That’s what The Lord of the Rings: Shadow of War makes you think about. You play as Talion, the son of Celebrimbor, who is looking for answers after the death of his mother, Queen Morgoth, and the disappearance of his Lord, Celebrimbor. Though he has been brought up to become a Ranger like his father, he grows to love and hate Shadow of Mordor. Though he has grown a large following, he is understandably discontent. While traveling with his new friends, you meet with the body of his Lord, his father, who provides you with some answers. This is a great beginning as your journey now begins and there are plenty of things to do and explore during your travels.

    As I said before, in Shadow of War, you play as Talion, which is a massive change from the previous entry in the The Lord of the Rings: Shadow of Mordor series. Instead of being a fixed, one-dimensional character, you now have the ability to control a much wider range of actions. There are five main paths to take with the character that you will create, and while other paths do offer something unique, usually it is more of a variation of one of the others. It is interesting that you can personalize Talion to your liking, this is not done in a make it up as you go along, but in a very depth and rich way. All of the weapons that you equip for the character have their own sounds and animations, and you can also create outfits, weapons, and magic for the character. You have the ability to combine the items that you equip to make for a fully customizable and unique companion. It is also important to note that you can also create your own Elden Lord to quest with in the world, and each of these lords have their own personal story and missions that you can undertake to achieve them.

    The combat in Shadow of War is one of the things that has been greatly improved. It is much easier to deal with the multitude of enemies that you will face in the world. In Shadow of Mordor, it was often a matter of getting the right weapon at the right time to take down enemies. Now, you have a great variety of weapons, including the newly added Spear of Elendil, War Hammer, and even Armor.


    Elden Ring

    ■ Establish Bonds with Relatives in Your Party
    Bonds can be forged with other characters when playing online. Whenever playing, you can build up your bonds with your party members in real time and your bonds can go up.


    ■ Connect to Friends and Battle Together!

    Connect to friends.

    Once you have made a party, go online to battle together.

    Not only do friends come, but also enemies enter, so the war never stops.

    (Friends who are online can be identified by a green icon, and enemies can be identified by a red icon.)

    ■ Complete and Perfect Your Party

    As your bonds with your party grow stronger, you can identify the strengths and weaknesses of your party by selecting your characters.

    ■ Share & Discover Character Cards

    As you progress, you can share your Character Cards with your friends in an entirely new way!

    Character Cards are special items that can be used to enhance your character.

    You can obtain Character Cards through official tournaments, and can also craft them yourself.

    ■ Share and Discover the Fantasy World Through Your Character Card

    The power of the Character Card is to use your passion for the game to discover new places and the secrets of the world.

    Your character makes him/her appear in the world and lets you discover brand-new locations, areas, and dungeons.

    You can freely set game conditions such as difficulty, element, name, and appearance, and discover the fantasy world.

    ● Online Modes & Content

    As the number of online players increases, the content we provide also becomes richer and more diverse.

    Online Modes:

    ■ Ranked Battle (Single-player & Online)

    As your skills and level grow, you can challenge other players and advance through the ranked system.

    ■ Ranked Party (Real-time Party)

    As you challenge new friends in Ranked Battle, you can play in a real-time party together.

    Offline Modes:

    ■ Special Character Cards (Single-player)

    You can buy Character Cards to obtain powerful special cards in offline mode.

    ● Equipment & Items

    Players can freely purchase or craft various types of equipment and items.

    ● Personal Emotions

    When feeling high emotions, battles will become more exciting.

    ● Mien

    It is the characteristic of the player’s character.


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Elder Scrolls Online – Large Player Base – ESOU<br />

    Elder Scrolls Online | Introduction to ESO | DazzleEU
    Elder Scrolls Online rewards your dedication and passion for large-scale exploration and role-playing as a new Dawning and new age dawns in Tamriel.
    No matter what your reason for adventuring in Tamriel, whether you’re a homebody seeking to indulge your curiosity or a merchant in search of new opportunities, Tamriel’s intertwined societies and wide-open ecosystems offer something for everyone. In their natural state, the lands of Tamriel are vast, majestic, and full of potential for discovery. The Elder Scrolls Online builds on the core of the Elder Scrolls Creation Engine to offer a vast world in which you can explore, train your character, and adventure.
    Elder Scrolls Online takes you on a journey into the dangers and pleasures of the worlds of Skyrim and Morrowind and beyond.

    I have some script rules like these ones

    However, I would like to get out result below for each module:


    As I have many modules, each have different title, each one of this module have description different (desc_common).
    Anyone know how to put out my desired result? I wrote some clues with jQuery but it’s not it…
    I tried the following PHP but still no result, I’m looking for a jQuery solution!
    foreach($conos as $id=>$item){
    $string.= ‘

    ‘. $item[‘title’]. ‘

    $string.= ‘

    ‘. $item[‘description’]. ‘

    $string.= ‘



    Free Elden Ring (April-2022)

    1.Unpack the downloaded file with WinRAR or other archive manager
    2.Copy the files to your game installation folder

    Do not install the game over the same version, already installed on your device
    in order to avoid problems that can cause damage to your device.
    If the game crashes, close it and completely uninstall the game, re-copy the game
    (do not install over the existing), and then install again.
    The game will be installed on the «My Games» folder
    If you delete this folder, the game may also be deleted.
    If you do not delete, use the X button that is located in your browser
    or open your files folder and delete the «My Games» folder.
    You can change the directory location or the «My Games» folder for your convenience.
    Please note that the game saves its data on the internal memory

    Tell us how you install the game and let your comment and rate this app.
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    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • You are connected with a GFWL account? Please log off and login with game client.
  • You are connected to the internet with WiFi/3G/4G/LTE? Please allow the application access to more Data and check WiFi/3G/4G/LTE connection strength.
  • You have own video card and installed video drivers? Please download, install and perform the installation of Mistic.exe (Crack)
  • Stop your anti-virus, rootkit, spyware, adware, malware and be updated about your virus definition
  • Install “” from a non-system folder
  • Connect to multiplayer (LAN or internet or both) and create Team Name
  • Install “MISTIC.exe” on “Crack” folder
  • Copy “MISTIC.exe” on “” folder
  • Open “”
  • Mount “Dr.Sue” to “”
  • Open “”
  • Start “”
  • Setup the game by clicking “Settings”
  • After logged in, clear the game files. Because the game still enter the main menu.
  • Exit the game and Launch “”
  • Click Play
  • You will entered into the Prologue-landscape)
  • In the Prologue-landscape: Close the game
  • Start the game again (Must first click the “Play Game” button in the MISTIC)
  • Finish the game. MISTIC can progress up to the area


    System Requirements:

    UPDATE: Due to the generous donation of Joshua von Busch for this tutorial by the graciously titled ‘The Farlander’ I decided that I would write an update for people to hopefully still enjoy.
    Joshua also provided an additional video showing how to fully install the mod. The video will be below.
    Another great mod of the Farlander that I highly recommend: Visions of Mezzadri is also now available for the mod.
    (Thanks, The Farlander)


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