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The online game Eldestorm releases on 5/24/2017.
* More About Eldestorm.
In Eldestorm, you are a Tarnished One who becomes a God of the Lost Lands Between. As you fight your way through the Dungeons with a variety of traps, you are forced to rely on your wits and strength in order to survive and become stronger.

-5/24/2017 Release Date of Eldestorm Game

* Item Price

Bitter +1) HP+1) MP+1) AP+1) Slot

1,000 NP

1,500 NP

1,800 NP

2,000 NP

3,000 NP

5,000 NP

The increase in HP and increase in stats are said to be based on stats obtained from the item level of your item, and the same can be said for AP and MP.
The characters in the server are created randomly, but the statistics and skills of the characters will be leveled up until all of the stats are increased to the maximum.

Increase in AP

Increase in HP

Increase in MP

A set of items that can increase stats are upgraded based on your time of existence in the game.
-The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Stats Increase

Increase in AP and AP

Increase in HP and HP

Increase in MP and MP

#The Eldestorm Online Game


The following affiliate programs are offered.
The points earned from the sale of the above items will be used for distribution to subscribers.

2. Bounty Program

This is a reward program for the contribution to Eldestorm.
1,000 NP = 1 Excessive Login
1,500 NP = 1 Daily Voucher
1,800 NP = 1 Burst Birthday
2,000 NP = 1 Birthday Voucher
3,000 NP = 1 Birthday Expanded Voucher
5,000 NP = 1 Subscription Voucher
In this program, you can receive the bonuses of participating in the Eldestorm Online Game and become strong.

Anyone who wants to participate in the bounty program will need to get the Eldestorm game from the homepage and participate.

3. Enhancement Support Program

This is a program that we offer to our players in appreciation for playing Eldestorm.


Elden Ring Features Key:

    • A romantic interlude mission where you meet a boy and girl. As you play together, figure out how to reveal what lies between the two of you by uncovering the truth of the dilapidated North Capital.
    • Become an Elder that Conquers the Land Between
      • In the game, the main character becomes a legendary Elder that Conquers the Land Between (chosen by a vote). You will equip your body with equipment, casting new spells, and learning valuable knowledge.
  • Aboard the Oceanic Cruiser
    • The route of the Elden Rings are constructed between the continents of Gorgonia and Narura. You get on an ocean-going cruiser and explore the vast Land Between. The Oceanic Cruiser features fun and exciting missions such as Attack Boss Battles that take place on the seas.
    • Advanced Equipment Graphics
      • The gear and weapons appearing in the game have been prepared with even greater care than before. These acts have been done in which the developers took the time to seek out the opinions of reliable professionals and underwent rigorous testing. The image you see in front of you is that of what you will receive.
  • Crafting
    • The crafting system features more than 100 materials (armor, weapons, armors, and armors). You will be able to create everything you want.
    • During the first battle in a quest, you can decide whether or not you want to equip the equipment you had crafted yourself or the equipment you had acquired. In PvP, you can decide to equip the equipment you had crafted yourself or the equipment you had acquired. If you had crafted equipment, you get it in your inventory on the next battle against the enemy.
  • Main Features:

    • Skill up to the recommended level as quickly as possible. Skills are the key to attaining glory in this game.
    • Fight over hundreds of battles and explore fantastic worlds.
      • Fight the perilous Black Dragon.

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        Elden Ring Download [Win/Mac]

        1) Plan your Strategy
        • Don’t get into fights where you can’t win; instead, use your job’s advantage to crush the enemy.
        • Your job determines your starting equipment and your class. However, additional jobs can be added later in the game.
        • Each job has its own special attacks and spells.
        ※ Each job has its own job skills as well.
        1. Strengths/Weaknesses
        • Equipment:
        – You can freely set your job’s abilities, specialized equipment, job skills, and other equipment as you like.
        – You can find equipment in dungeons or buy it from merchants.
        – You have a menu bar in the bottom left of the game screen, and you can set your weapons and set their abilities freely.
        – When you equip a job skill, you can change the level of that job skill temporarily.
        – The job’s name and picture will appear in your equipment and your job skills.
        – The next time you go to the menu, your equipment, weapon, and other items will be updated.
        – You can sell your equipment by clicking the menu bar.
        • Aura:
        – The job description is in the lower right of the screen.
        – The status of your stats is shown in the upper right corner.
        ※ You can set or clear each stat separately.
        – The number of turns for maximum effect is displayed on the right of the screen.
        – The stats of your equipment and job skills are displayed on the bottom left of the screen.
        1) Classes
        ※ You can change the job and customize the skills for each class.
        • You can freely assign four job skills to each job.
        – You can change the job skills for each class in the equipment menu.
        – You can customize the job skills for each class by assigning the points you earned as a job.
        – The points are indicated by gold coins on the job description on the bottom right.
        • You can change the job by assigning the points you earned.
        – You can assign 20 points per job.
        – You can change the job stat for each job.
        1) Equipment
        – You can freely assign the weapon to each weapon slot and the shield to each shield slot.
        – You can also freely assign the special skills, the job skills, and the other equipment to each item slot, as long as they do not overlap with each other.
        1) Character Creation
        – The basic attributes include muscle


        What’s new:


        ・Key Features
        1. Online PvP Mode
        You can fight and challenge other players in a battlefield before your eyes.
        2. Access to a massive world
        Explore your own battlefield endlessly, and it will never end.
        3. Open World Map with Huge Dungeons
        Enter the dungeon of the enemy and learn new skills, get new armor, and move to the next region.

        ・Game Picture

        X –> Jump Start
        A –> Jump Start
        R –> Jump Start
        S –> Jump Start
        ► Kick –> Switch to options screen
        ► Switch to online mode
        ► Switch to Fighter mode (recommended)
        ► Switch to Thief mode

        ・What is Online Mode?
        In Online Mode, you can use another player as a helper, and you can exchange skills via a conversation.
        Let’s take this opportunity to meet and experience the Lands Between!
        Let the server know your nickname

        ・Verify your online status
        ※Be sure to check your status first.
        You need 500 credits to create a new character.
        Good to know about our new Community Plan
        New Community Plan

        ・Players on the community plan can access only the F2P Battle*/Fighter* Module
        A new training mode called Battle* will be available for players on the Community Plan.

        ・Selected games such as Exterminatus, the new Tak×to game, and Abyssal Sire will have special prices


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        5. Enjoy the game

        Note: When you launch the game, select the HD button option to use the game on maximum graphics settings.


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        How to activate:

        Click «Activate» button,and then click on the «Key» to enter the license validation,this will allow you to play in the game without restrictions.

        After activating the license, press on «OK».

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        How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

      • Flexible and Transformable Muscles.
      • Special Unique Magic Attacks and other innovative mechanics.
      • Options for customization.
      • The entertaining eye-catching animation and feel of a long-awaited game.
      • Three different worlds, with diverse quests.
      • More than 50 characters as standard equipment.
      • Option to purchase equipment and other items.
      • Fully implemented social features.
      • Open-world structure and fully customizable user interface.
      • Rich and deep character growth system.
      • 70+ hours of game content!
      • Open-world gaming with two-way turn-based battles.
      • Live Events, PvP Domination, and other drama-filled quests.
      • Vast and hugely detailed environments with original art.
      • Deep and engaging fantasy drama.

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      System Requirements For Elden Ring:

      The game is meant to be played on a standard 20″ monitor using a mouse and keyboard. The game will have keybinds for common UI elements, but if you want to play by using only the keyboard, that is perfectly fine.
      The recommended minimum system requirements are:
      Windows OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
      Processor: 1GHz
      Memory: 1GB
      Graphics: DirectX9 Compatible Graphics Card
      Hard Disk Space: 50GB
      Java: Install
      Java (JRE): Install
      Recommended OS:


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