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The Belkasoft Browser Analyzer was designed to help you investigate various Internet Browsers histories. You do not need to be logged in under a user whose history is analyzed. Belkasoft Browser Analyzer allows you to extract browser history (including cookies) into such formats as plain text, HTML and XML.
Powerful search facilities are supported: simple search by word or phrase and advanced search using file with list of words or using regular expression which is very useful when searching a various word’s forms or phrase with fuzzy structure.
The product can search installed browsers’ history files on your computer as well as on mapped network drives (including Encase mapped drives). You can find and analyze history of other users of a computer. It is possible to work with several histories at a time.







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View all browser history files and save them into such formats as plain text, HTML and XML.

Auxiliary facilities:

Detailed information is available for each browser history including information on protocols, URLs, cookies and search strings. It shows where each URL or cookie was used.

Search and analyze HTML or other content saved in a browser history.

Monitor a network, show traffic from a browser and save history logs to local files.

Search for certain word or phrase and check for several cases at once.

Search history based on regular expression.

Search history for another computer.

Belkasoft Browser Analyzer is a Windows application, it requires Windows 2003 Server or Windows XP SP2 with Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2003 with Windows Server 2008 R2 service pack 1 or Windows Server 2008 R2 service pack 2.
Please check system requirements.

What is new in official Belkasoft Browser Analyzer release version?

What is expected in the future?

Just write here your wishes or ideas


Build 20150227.1433

Version 6.0.3

Search through history and check for URLs on Windows Vista
Support for Firefox 6+ History
Work with history files larger than 4 GB
Support for Windows 2003 x64
Added information about cookies in HTML
Fixed parameter parsing when parsing cookies information
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* Search Browser History by word or phrase
* Search Back History by Address
* Search History for Multiple Browsers
* Export History to HTML
* Export history to XML, Text, Plain Text format
* Export history to many other files, PDF, TIFF, gif, jpg, windows media,
* Import browser history from TIFF, PDF, DOC, VSD and other files (not supported for document files)
* Show actions history (what action you’ve taken)
* Show first visit history (only for Windows)
* Show last visit history (only for Windows)
* Show last visit per webpage (only for Windows)
* Delete or copy history files (only for Windows)
* Add custom word list to keyword search
* Enable browser’s inline search
* Work with several browser histories at a time
* Show history of other users on your computer
* Show custom events per webpage
* Show custom visit type per webpage
* Edit custom events
* Overwrite custom events (only for Windows)
* Get custom events as Windows events (only for Windows)
* Select column filter to custom events (only for Windows)
* Add new column to custom events (only for Windows)
* Show the column with browser’s current version (only for Windows)
* Show the column with browser’s last version (only for Windows)
* Sort custom events by name
* Include custom events in history export
* Add custom list to keyword search
* Show most visited pages
* Show most visited sites
* Show the site with most visited pages (Windows only)
* Show the site with most visited pages per day (Windows only)
* Show the site with most visited pages per week (Windows only)
* Show the site with most visited pages per month (Windows only)
* Show the site with most visited pages per year (Windows only)
* Enable keyword search (HTML only)
* Build context menu
* View history by month or week
* View history by year
* View history for one browser or all browsers
* View history by month or week
* View history by year
* View history by days
* View history by days per week
* View history for one browser or all browsers
* View history by weeks
* View history by years
* View history by years per month
* View history by years per week
* View history for one browser or all browsers
* View history by minutes

Belkasoft Browser Analyzer Free Download

Belkasoft Browser Analyzer can work with any Windows operating system: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003/2007.
Some options are only available in Full Version of the software.

The features:

– Clean, intuitive and fast interface;
– Extraction of website history from different browsers using NFO standard;
– Help file;
– Network history mapping;
– Advanced search facilities;
– Searches across several history files at a time.

You can start the program in Standard or Minimalist view. In Standard View you can see on your monitor where and how long is a page displayed, how many times was a particular webpage visited, and how long a user was on a page. In Minimalist View a user is presented only with the selected site history. 

You can save the results in 3 popular formats: plain text (for easy viewing in a text editor); HTML (for viewing from a browser) and XML (for further processing with other tools)

For each search item, various objects can be presented in their detail view.
The User can extract history from not only a webpage but also from web forms and cookies. You can save the result as both HTML and XML documents.

Belkasoft Browser Analyzer Features:

– Powerful and flexible interface for browsing webpages history;
– Extraction of website history from different browsers using NFO standard;
– Help file;
– Network history mapping;
– Advanced search facilities;
– Create and save website history in various formats;
– Extract history from different files and websites;
– Supporting all browsers: Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla, Netscape, Galeon;
– Find history of other users on a computer.

The Netscape browser is only supported in the Standard and Minimalist views.

All of the browsers’ history files are listed together by the Product so you can instantly open them. You can also map network drives to find out what happened on the other computer.

Belkasoft Browser Analyzer is very intuitive and user-friendly. The product automatically creates the history for each website you visited.

Download Belkasoft Browser

Known Issues

The «Minimalist Mode» has some defects which will be fixed in the future release. The most important issue is the incorrect analysis of the layout or layout of the site. Full Mode works correctly.

It seems that the

What’s New in the?

• Helps to see browsers history
• Extracts all the data from the browser history on a computer
• Find out the worst user from your computer
• Find out the browsers you used and for what purpose
• Watch out any suspicious traffic
• Find out the captured data on your computer
• Watch out all websites that your children have visited
• Clear and see the malicious software
• Ability to save the captured history to any file and export to HTML, XML and plain text files
• Find out private information including IP address, login/password and cookies
… and so on
What’s new in Belkasoft Browser Analyzer:
• Bug Fixes
• New interface and search feature
• Add more languages
• Ability to use with Windows 10

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System Requirements For Belkasoft Browser Analyzer:

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