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Note: This software solution is no longer available for purchase but users can still download it from Softpedia and use it with its specific limitations.
Sometimes you get tired of the way your OS' UI looks like and decided to try something new, different, and potentially more effcient.
Enso Launcher is a lightweight software application built specifically for helping you work with several built-in commands for accessing your favorite programs, minimizing or maximizing windows, performing searches on Google, and carrying out many other file management operations.
A lightweight UI changer
This unobtrusive tool runs quietly in the system tray and can be called upon by pressing the “Caps Lock” button from your keyboard. In order to activate the command that you want to execute you need to keep the key pressed while typing the command name.
For example, when you type “Open” the tool automatically displays a dedicated window where you can type in the name of the utility that you are looking for. It also reveals possible matching results while you are typing. In order to cancel a command, you need to hit the “Esc” button.
Plenty of built-in functions for a better experience
Enso Launcher offers support for a wide range of commands that are meant to ease your operations on the computer, as you can activate the “Calculate” function for performing math calculations, turn the “Caps Lock” feature on or off, carry out basic editing tasks (copy, cut, go), and type words which are automatically redirected on Google.
What’s more, you can maximize or minimize tabs, quit the active program, switch to a window by typing its name, close the front utility, and others.
Make your OS look better with minimal system resources
When it comes to configuration settings, you are allowed to keep the command window open until you press the “Enter” key (activate the Sticky mode), as well as customize the entry key, as Caps Lock is set by default.
During our testing we have noticed that Enso Launcher carries out a task very quickly. It is quite friendly with system resources, so the overall performance of the computer is not affected.
A command line-based UI enhancer
All things considered, Enso Launcher offers a handy set of parameters for helping you run certain commands with ease. If you can get accustomed with typing a command while pressing a certain key, you can give this intuitive tool a try to see that it can do for you.







Enso Launcher Crack License Key Download

Enso Launcher is a customizable command line-based utility for helping you work with your favorite programs and perform tasks in your computer.
It is a lightweight application that runs silently in the background. You can access its functionality by pressing the “Caps Lock” key on your keyboard when you are in a command line interface. The tool includes a variety of commands that are capable of performing different tasks, like switching to the active window, displaying your recently used files, or opening recently used programs.
The unique feature of Enso Launcher is that it includes the commands to carry out certain functions, such as maximization, minimization, full screen mode, displays all windows, and search Google using the command “Search Google”. After you use one of the predefined commands, you can conveniently activate the command again by hitting the “Enter” key.
Enso Launcher works with a wide range of built-in commands to ease your work with your favorite programs. The application can be set to display a dedicated command window when a specific command is activated by typing its name while the Caps Lock is pressed. It also includes an easy-to-learn GUI that allows you to activate shortcuts of several built-in commands.
Display a dedicated command window when a specific command is activated while Caps Lock is pressed.
Run a predefined command to open the documents that you have used most recently, or search the web for any string of text.
Easily switch to the application you want, like your favorite calculator.
Display the documents and folders that you have been using the most recently.
Quickly switch to the active window, minimize, maximize, and full screen the current application.
Show all windows in full screen mode.
Create a shortcut for launching any application.
Switch to the Google search option and use the easy to type Google search commands.
Type any word in a predefined language and immediately navigate to the search results.
Search for the active window’s title or the documents or folders that you have been using.
View the recently used documents.
View the recent documents, search for the documents, or search for the text in the documents.
Display all programs that are open.
Configure the application to display a dedicated command window when a certain command is activated.
Display the documents and folders that you have been using the most recently.
Quickly switch to the active window, minimize, maximize, or full screen the current application.

Enso Launcher [Mac/Win] (Updated 2022)

Enso Launcher 2022 Crack is a lightweight software solution created with the objective of helping you manage your computer by offering a simple method of running various commands.

It is an intelligent application that offers a command line-based UI enhancer.

It will run hidden in the system tray and is easy to call upon by pressing the “Caps Lock” button on your keyboard.

While pressing the “Caps Lock” button, you will be offered a chance to check various functions like applying Sticky mode or adjusting text colors, and so on.

It allows you to perform a wide range of common file management operations, like accessing programs, quitting certain applications, switching to a window or tab, or simply launching the currently active app.

Lastly, you can maximize or minimize tabs, as well as close them by typing their names or by pressing the “Windows” key and selecting the application.

There are many versions of this free program, each one adding new features and bringing new options to users, but they are in no way necessary.

Enso Launcher Features:

This Windows application comes in two versions: a free, standard edition, and an advanced, premium version that comes with more features.

If you choose to download the premium version, you will only be prompted to install a separate setup that will allow you to carry out various customizations and functionalities, such as changing settings, and so on.

The software is available in three languages: English, German, and Spanish.

You can view the latest version of the program for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows Server 2012.

What’s in the Enso Launcher Free Edition:

Pressing the “Caps Lock” button will only open a command window where you can enter the name of the program that you want to run.

The front utility will remain open until you press the “Enter” key.

You can also switch to different modes, such as adding support for sticky tabs or changing background colors.

Another function is offered so you can activate a window that you are working on, by typing in its name.

You can also install third-party fonts that can be stored in the program’s settings.

You can maximize or minimize various applications, and so on, based on the current state of the system.

Lastly, the tool allows you to access the “

Enso Launcher Registration Code [Win/Mac]

«Enso Launcher is a user-friendly command line application that adds a command shell to your Windows system tray. The user interface of the application is so intuitive that even a newbie can find a way to quickly perform multiple operations.»
Get Enso Launcher:

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What’s New In Enso Launcher?

* This software is not affiliated with Enso. The Enso name, logo, and trademark are the property of Enso Software.
* We have only provided a non-commercial, evaluation version of Enso Launcher to our users.
* Enso Launcher is not official software produced by Enso. Enso Launcher was developed by Tmtxi.
* Enso Launcher does not require Microsoft.NET Framework
* It is not possible to launch the Enso Launcher software directly. The application must be started from a shortcut to the Enso Launcher icon, located in the Start Menu.
How to Download Enso Launcher:
Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit):
Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit):
Windows XP:
Windows 8 (32-bit or 64-bit):
Windows 8 (32-bit or 64-bit):
Windows Vista (32-bit or 64-bit):
Windows Vista (32-bit or 64-bit):
Mac OS X (32-bit or 64-bit):
Important Notes:
The Enso Launcher can be fully downloaded and installed in the program folder. But the Enso Launcher application icon must be kept as a separate file, using the.lnk format to work properly.

System Requirements For Enso Launcher:

Windows 7 / Vista / XP (32/64 bit) / Mac OS 10.6.8 or higher
CPU: Core i5 800 or faster (2.4 GHz)
RAM: 6 GB or more
Hard disk: 300 GB or more
Graphics: Direct 3D 9.0c compatible graphics card or better
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Mozilla Firefox 3.5.7 or higher (or Google Chrome 3.0 or higher)
Resolution: 1024

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