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A little about us – This is the blawg that I run with my Editor in Chief, Kate. The scribe. The writer. The myth buster. The big tamer of story, the older sister of all narrative, the shaman of magic. Oh yeah, she’s The Beardy Helmsman, too. I write. She edits. We’re writers. We’re a team.

Kate’s Schtick – Okay. So let’s just cut to the chase. I mean, really. “Get it together, for Christ’s sake,” right? Right?

Kate’s history as a writer includes her work as an author and editor. Most of her writing has been published in different venues—with some excellent short stories published in online magazines, others in print, and a few that have stuck around for a while in the non-fiction archives. Her work as an editor has also been published, and she’s been quoted in many anthologies. Kate’s also been a journalism instructor for more than ten years and currently teaches at The University of Texas at Dallas.

A lot of people have also been asking about Kate’s she-beast, who most people will call Helen, or, as I call her, “The Beardy Helmsman.” She’s a feisty pit bull who enjoys the cold-rain way too much. She likes tracking mail, digging through trash cans, and attempting to stake out nesting grounds in the backyard. Helen’s also one of those dogs who will look you straight in the eyes and try to eat your face. She’s messy, messy, messy.

What Kate Wants You to Know – Sometimes, a writer gets beat up.

We’re both learning how to live the rest of our lives with writers’ scars, just like we

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