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FIFA 22 also introduces expanded Player Impact Engine, which utilizes a near-live environment in which players can be observed and studied by AI teammates and referees. Players are now able to see their entire on-ball movement as it unfolds as well as be able to perform actions that they can’t do in practice.


AI improvements, including new state-of-the-art approaches to decision-making, are part of the massive overhaul of AI included in FIFA 22.

FIFA 22 is the first time the FIFA Interactive Achievement Award is awarded to a game in the sports genre. For the first time, the FIFA Interactive Achievement Award jury also includes non-gaming experts, allowing the jury to determine best sports-game in various categories and nominations. The winners of the FIFA Interactive Achievement Awards will be announced in November at The Game Awards Show.

The FIFA Interactive Achievement Awards is a nine-day world tour that will also include a special live game show, which will focus on the category of «Playstation» (presented by EA SPORTS and FOX Sports). More information about the FIFA Interactive Achievement Awards is available on


FIFA 22 features the newly-built London Stadium – home of West Ham United and host of the European U-21 Championship next year – which has never before been seen in the game. The stadium will also be featured in the upcoming In-Game Live features. The multi-use venue was also built to a whole new level of detail, with a completely revamped goal and penalty area, the pitch, surrounding stadium, stadium stands and community areas. The London Stadium is available in 9 of the 18 stadiums available in the game and also available as a Stadium Stand Photo Pack that can be downloaded from the in-game store for £0.79/€0.99.

FIFA 22 also features a new explosion system to further enhance the excitement of scoring, allowing fans to better experience the joy of scoring a goal or scoring a free kick. The pitch has also been enhanced, with more conditions to create more realistic and fun-to-play matches.

New dynamic player recognition technology enables players to show off their skills and dominate matches in real-time. Player recognition technology also features improvements for goalkeepers, which now track the movements of their opponents in real-time.


Features Key:

  • HyperMotion Technology – Live out your dream as both a manager and a player in FIFA 22, using your team’s full array of skills against the most intelligent opponent reactions in the industry.
  • Player Career – Take control of your player, individually, manage his path to the top, and fully relive their journey through FIFA. Take him to incredible stadiums, and follow them in training.
  • True Player Intelligence – Enjoy an optimized viewing experience both in-person and online using our new brand new TV broadcast engine, that the real players will inspire. Enjoy greater player interaction, more realistic ball physics, new in-game music and more to make the whole experience more immersive.


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As the most popular sport in the world, FIFA is a series of association football video games. The games are developed by EA Canada, a unit of the Electronic Arts Inc. The first game in the series, FIFA 1, was released in September 1993 on the Apple Macintosh and Amiga. It became the best selling sports video game of its time.

How does FIFA work?

FIFA simulates the physics of real football so that you can move, strike, and dodge like the very best players in the world. For more details on the sport simulation aspects, visit the EA SPORTS FIFA web site.

What is EA SPORTS FIFA Football?

EA SPORTS FIFA Football is an online and offline game that challenges gamers to become the best player in the world of football.

How is the World Cup handled in FIFA?

The World Cup competition is supported in FIFA by a season of 32 matches, in which each player has an individual World Cup campaign. EA SPORTS provides ongoing analysis of player statistics, including live stats updates from key tournaments, and the ability to collect and compare your statistics with other players. EA SPORTS FIFA World Cup offers offline and online modes, which contain six FIFA World Cups, World Champions Cups and Player of the Year seasons, as well as 2 and 3-player game modes.

How are the World Cup Leagues different from leagues in real life?

The FIFA World Cup leagues are designed to provide a mode of regular game play that places more emphasis on active teamwork and tactics than in previous games. Tactics and game balance are improved by the larger teams and more countries in the World Cup season.

How do I change things like the name of my player, the sound of the crowd, etc?

In FIFA you may change things like the name of your player, the sound of the crowd, and the team uniforms.

How will I be able to play online with my friends?

FIFA allows you to play against players from around the world via EA’s Matchmaking service. Over 20 million people now play online matches through EA’s Matchmaking service.

Can I have a career in FIFA?

The FIFA Career Mode allows you to create your own player, selecting your starting position in the footballing world, as well as playing and training on a global scale.

What is the Community?

The FIFA Community is the heart of the FIFA world. The Community is comprised of players


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Build your ultimate team with 3,000 FUT Points and compete in an annual online competition throughout the year. Transfer your favorite real-life players to your squad, use over 400 real-world player traits and unlock new kits and technologies in both the FUT Draft mode and Monthly FUT Drafts.

Ultimate Team – With Ultimate Team, you build a squad by collecting and developing real-world players from more than 70 leagues and 24 national teams. Choose your formation, add as many real-world players as you like and develop them with your Manager Card. Then invite your friends and take on new challenges every day, as the community votes on the most entertaining and skillful players.

FIFA Mobile – Become the ultimate football boss on the go and challenge your friends in a quick-fire online competition. Play for up to 10 players against each other from around the world, then take on the FUT Playoffs in your preferred game mode. Beat your opponents and be crowned as the ultimate football boss!

• Daily challenges earn FUT Points, just like in Career Mode;

• More than 400,000 real players* are included from the Premier League, Championship, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and MLS;

• Newer technologies, such as AI-controlled assistant managers, real-world player traits, new formations, stadium design, kits, goalkeepers and more are now available to bring a more realistic and authentic football gaming experience to FIFA Mobile;

• Global Online features* now include:

• Global tournaments* – Host an online tournament with up to 32 teams from 12 countries around the world;

• Global leagues* – Participate in World Clubs Cup qualifiers in your favourite league;

• Global international competitions* – Head to the World Cup or other international events and challenge your friends worldwide to earn FIFA points;

• Visa World Cup (Red Card), Visa World Cup (Gold Card) and other exciting in-game events across the world;

• Various other events and opportunities to earn and trade FIFA points, as well as FIFA World Cup-themed coins and merchandise;

• Global Coins* – Collect and use coins to unlock new items and content, as well as purchase packs to help you compete;

• Rank up to progress in competitions and increase your rank to earn more coins;

• Global Seasons* – Post photos and videos to social media of your games to earn coins.

• Leaderboards* – Compare your ranking with


What’s new:

  • FIFA Ultimate Team: FIFA 22 features the biggest FUT update ever. The addition of Super Diamond Master League creates an unprecedented level of depth with players, teams and challenges, while a number of roster updates and additional gameplay experiences give you even more ways to master the beautiful game. New in FIFA 22 is the introduction of Super Diamond Master League. This update adds Super Diamond Master League, which offers both new FUT challenges and rewards, providing deeper enjoyment, rich content and new heights of competition.

    FIFA 22 improves Ultimate Team by offering more ways to build the ultimate team, from the revamped Titanium Trio to the all-new Super Diamond Master League.
    Players – FUT 23’s in-game roster offerings have been enhanced by over 200 new FIFA Licensed players.
    Teams – The Champions Path features 25 new Legendary Histories.
    Challenges – FUT 22 is specifically optimized for the new World Cup France map.
    Gamplay – Feeling ball impact for first-time players by re-introducing the famous No Fly Zone.

Career Mode:

  • It’s a new era of player career. With Career Mode, play out a player’s journey in the ultimate way. Create the club of your dreams, build your stadium, select your kits, and compete in lower divisions, or join one of the most exclusive footballing legendary clubs in the world – play all your dreams for real.


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EA SPORTS FIFA is the world’s most authentic soccer simulation, featuring more than 350 real clubs and players, game modes, expansive Career Mode and online teams.
EA SPORTS FIFA is the world’s most authentic soccer simulation, featuring more than 350 real clubs and players, game modes, expansive Career Mode and online teams.

Variety: Weekends, Classic, Champions

In addition to the popular LIVE features, for the first time in a FIFA game, fans can enjoy the full fun and excitement of realistic core gameplay during the week. Thanks to dynamic weather, user-generated content and the enhanced lighting and crowds, each day of a week brings unique gameplay challenges with new tactics to be used by teams and players on any pitch. Seasonal Moments, like the FIFA World Cup™ or UEFA EURO 2016, further extend the experience with meaningful gameplay variations. All this is connected via the unified Matchday and LIVE features, accessible via the one and only home screen.

New Ways to Play

Take your game beyond the pitch with the FIFA Experience, where the virtual you takes his place and challenges his global and local rivals. Investigate the game world with the FIFA World Cup™ or compete in the new FIFA Ultimate Team™ mode. And earn the biggest rewards and fun with the new Weekend Edition, which will make its way to future FIFA games as well.

Football Meets the Real World

EA SPORTS FIFA brings the real world of football to life with authentic environments, engaging audio and player and player interaction to create the ultimate authentic football experience.

Created by the EA SPORTS BigAPIC Studio, the new FIFA World Player Series engine will power the next generation of EA SPORTS games.

Career Mode: The Road to Glory

The all-new Career Mode allows you to take control of your path to stardom as you create your own identity and play with great teams and players. From training to learning to game the transfer market, you can play how you want, through the single player Career mode or in the online modes.

Exclusive to PlayStation 4, FIFA 20 sees the biggest team of developers in the history of FIFA combining to create a football simulation unlike any other.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 (PlayStation 4)

Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 brings the world’s most popular football simulation to life with new features, more gameplay options, and improvements across every mode, including a whole new online Pro experience.


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