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Can anyone please help.
I have tried using toString
QByteArray foo =…;

char* buf = new char[foo.size() * sizeof(char)];

this returns a random length of memory. It’s a waste.
I have also tried this:
QByteArray foo =…;

char* buf = new char[foo.size()];
foo.copy(&buf, foo.size());

This returns a shorter length of memory than the previous code.
This is the function which gets the response from the proxy server:
void Client::doWork(QByteArray *arInData)
char* buf = new char[arInData->size()];
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If you are trying to convert from a QByteArray to a char* then you should use toAscii() instead of copying (which is what the operator== is for). That should get you a char* buffer of the appropriate size. If you have a C++ 11 compliant compiler you can also just use std::copy().


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How can I create the installer to install my plugins? I am trying to install the plugin through NSIS.
The Plugin:
; Plug-in Name
Name «Functions»

; Description
DetailPrint «Functions»

; Auto-start feature
; Boolean value that controls whether or not plugin is started automatically
; when installer starts. Set to FALSE if plugin must be started explicitly.
; ${AutoStart}

; Interface libraries that must be loaded
; Plugin resource file.
; Plugin’s namespace.
; Plugin’s CLSID
; Plugin’s folder, which may contain Icons, translations, etc.
; Plugin’s icon (64×64)

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