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_Additional Reading_

You can find information about all available software on the Internet. Here are a few sites that can get you started:

• Photoshop.

• The Graphics Exchange Server and Berkeley Computer Learning Center provide a comprehensive list of online-enabled Photoshop classes.

• a comprehensive site that has a series of tutorials to teach Photoshop from the most basic editing techniques to advanced designs.

• Moab Media offers an entire Web site devoted to Photoshop tutorials, including the basics as well as advanced topics.

_**TIP** Use these websites as a starting point for learning Photoshop. They’re not perfect, but they’re well intended and have good information. A search engine like Google is also a good way to gain more information about Photoshop or even a specific topic._


**Bringing your website to life**

The truth is, lots of people design a good Web site that is well laid out and attractive, but it remains static. Why? Because the site doesn’t do anything, or it doesn’t do it well.

And yet a static, or «menu-driven» site that doesn’t do anything can be much more effective if the basic structure is right. When visitors arrive at your site and go to an informational page, they probably want to get a few facts, understand a bit about your products, and then have a place to get more information.

Most Web sites don’t provide anything that has value to your visitors. It’s a pretty obvious fact, but there’s nothing like a completed survey to drive it home. (Remember the one we completed in Chapter 6? It’s an excellent example.)

Adobe’s latest release is Get Real: Make Your Website Real ( provides a guide to help you create a Web site that actually provides value and a positive result for your visitors.

For example, in addition to printable brochures, companies have been using interactive Web sites for years to provide more information to their target market. Those sites have to be kept up-to-date with new products and special deals. However, it’s surprisingly difficult to keep a Web site fresh because of the huge amount of workload involved.

This aspect of a Web site is rarely considered. Your objective should be to make a few adjustments to the site and make the biggest impact.

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Adobe Photoshop is still a serious software, generally regarded as the standard in digital image editing, but for many this is not essential to carry out the tasks they need to get the job done. The features it provides is a form of image editing that is geared towards getting the best out of photos. Photoshop is used by photographers and graphic designers to create, retouch, and modify high quality images. Photoshop is a powerful tool for photo retouching and modifying photos in general.

How to Use Photoshop in Windows

There are three main types of user accounts: Administrator, Standard and Guest. Guest is a type of limited-privilege account that is primarily for testing purposes and cannot install or open programs. Standard is the account that’s recommended, and it is the most flexible in terms of enabling users to administer, install programs, explore the software, and create new files. Administrator can do more than Standard but also has higher privileges. They can access files and folders that guests cannot view and install and run programs or utilities.

If you have not logged in as an Administrator, you cannot install or remove software, create, edit, or delete files, or view or edit files or folders that are owned by an administrator.

The “Classic” versions of Photoshop and Elements are now owned by Adobe as part of the Creative Cloud service.

To open Photoshop, click on its executable icon, if you do not see it, right-click on the Start menu and click on Explore:

After clicking on the file, you should see a message on the screen saying Photoshop is open (check the box):

You can now close the Explorer window if you want to. If you want to delete any folders or files on your computer, right click on them first. Select “delete” and click on the green cross at the top-right corner of the dialog box to confirm deletion.

Now, you can see the Photoshop folder (and the others if they are in the same folder). You can see that there are two Photoshop icon, one for Photoshop with the “Classic” features and the other for Photoshop CC. You can navigate to this folder (if in doubt, look for it in C:\Windows\Explorer or C:\Program Files) and launch Photoshop.

To launch Photoshop, go to the folder where the program is. Open the executable icon and click on the icon.

In the case of Photoshop with the “Classic

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This PPI is defined for the SPI Controller Family, which supports DMA
and IEEE1584 T_B as well.

Copyright (c) 2006 – 2010, Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.
This program and the accompanying materials
are licensed and made available under the terms and conditions of the BSD License
which accompanies this distribution. The full text of the license may be found at


@par Revision Reference:
This PPI is defined in UEFI Specification 2.7.


#ifndef __EFI_SPI_FAMILY_H__
#define __EFI_SPI_FAMILY_H__

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extern EFI_GUID gEfiSpiFamilyProtocolGuid;



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C# XAML Grid CanVerticalScrollBarIndicator property not working

I have a Grid set to Auto Height and CanVerticalScrollBarIndicator set to True. In the following I’m trying to show the vertical scrollbar in a TextBox inside a grid row.
However, when I set a height for the grid, e.g. width: 350, height: 500, the scrollbar is not shown.

Is there any way to show the vertical scrollbar?


Use this code to show the Scrollviewer inside a Textbox.


System Requirements:

Drivers (if not provided in game) must be installed prior to installing the patch.
Procedural Resource Management (PRM) and.TLX support are recommended, but not required.
The patch requires a voxel-based engine and is not compatible with an occlusion-based engine.
The patch does not support non-downloadable content.
Update 21.02.2016
Added the cloud-hosted version of the patch and updated the download.
Added note

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