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M-People SMS Desktop Toolbar Crack Keygen Free

1. Screenshots:
2. How to unregister the application:

3. How to register the application:
If you already have an account or want to register a new one, follow the instructions below: 
1- The registration of the application must be done through the url: [ ]( or [ ]( depending of your country.
2- In case of trouble in registering or logging in, please contact us.
3- When loging in, if the account email is already registered in the account you wish to register, click on the button «Use Existing»
4- The new account will be created from your email. You will receive a confirmation email. Once you validate the correct email in your profile, you will be able to link it with your account.
5- In order to be able to send and receive sms messages you must click on «Enable SMS» in your profile.
6- Once your account is linked, you will see a popup with your user name and password. Click on the button «Login».
2. Update Checker:
You can check the status of the application.
To update, click on «Check updates».

3. Disable Notifications:
You can disable the notifications of some required updates in the application:
This option allow you to force the application to ignore some of the updates.
This option can be used only once.
4. Set HTTP Proxy:
You can set the proxy to be used by the application.
5. No Popup Confirmation:
You can set the popup confirmation to be enabled or not.
6. No Password Request:
You can set the popup confirmation to be enabled or not.
7. SMS Request Warning:
You can set the popup warning to be enabled or not.

8. Language:
You can set the language.
9. Toolbar:
You can set the desktop toolbar as «Show on startup» or not
10. Update Information:
You can change the settings of the window where the update information is shown.

11. Show / Hide Toolbar:

M-People SMS Desktop Toolbar (LifeTime) Activation Code [March-2022]

Edit, send and receive SMS in bulk from your computer
Send and receive SMS message according to your predefined configuration
Optimized for speed and quality
Handle and store messages from different networks and cell phone providers in one folder
Incompatible with popular SMS clients and mobile phones
Native Windows application
M-People SMS Desktop Toolbar Serial Key Requirements:
1) Microsoft Windows 10
2) Microsoft.NET Framework 4.5 or later
3) Active Internet Connection
4) Installation of the software application
5) Administrator rights
M-People SMS Desktop Toolbar Features:
Send up to 100 individual SMS messages at once
SMS message characteristics, including recipient and SMS message type, can be selected
SMS message contents, such as telephone numbers, addresses, dates and/or time can be inserted and completed
User can select number of SMS message sent in one session and number of SMS messages per day or per week
SMS messages can be sent to various countries and mobile operators
Save SMS messages as text files and export them as CSV files
Install the application on your computer and send & receive SMS messages from your computer
Data transfer with modems and transceivers
SMS text and numerical addresses can be imported
SMS text and numerical addresses can be exported
Export SMS messages to text files
Export SMS messages to csv files
Handles and stores messages from all carriers
Install the application on your cell phone and receive SMS messages from your cell phone
Receive and handle SMS messages according to your preferred settings
Handle incoming SMS messages according to the configuration
SMS counter can be set for every SMS message received
Favorites can be created for favorite SMS messages
SMS counter can be set for every SMS message sent
SMS counter can be set for every SMS sent to a contact
SMS messages can be read in plain text
SMS messages can be exported in a CSV format
Various configuration settings to be changed
Various configuration settings to be added
SMS messages can be grouped according to a list of contacts
SMS counter to be reset
Access to the received SMS messages
Handle and store messages from all carriers in one folder
Credentials can be reused
Modify the cell phone network settings
Automatically handle SMS messages according to the selected settings
SMS messages can be sorted in a list
SMS messages can be exported in a csv format
SMS messages can be copied to the clipboard
Copy received SMS messages to the clipboard

M-People SMS Desktop Toolbar For Windows

M-People Bulk SMS Toolbar is a professional application designed to offer you the possibility to send and receive bulk and individual SMS messages. The application integrates perfectly in your computer desktop and allows filing sent and received messages, managing contacts and sending sms to one or multiple recipients.
Ideal for small and medium enterprises. No cell phone is required to send messages.
All in all, this application will help you save your time and money. M-People: Specialist in low cost Bulk SMS Gateway and Global Coverage!
Note: In order to be able to use the application, you must register an account.
If you purchase this product you will receive:
A free evaluation version of our software for Windows 95-95 Rev 5 and Windows NT 4.0
30 Days Guarantee to use the software.
30 Days Warranty to the installation of the software and the removal of technical defects
10% discount for future purchases M-people software keys.

This version of this software has been designed to work only with Windows XP or Windows 2003.
We recommend to buy a new license key if your device is not supported by this version.

Pricing Details
The price of the product includes all taxes, payment will be charged in US Dollars

The download link will be sent within 15 minutes to your e-mail address that we have on file.
If you do not receive a download link to your e-mail in 15 minutes, please check your spam/junk folder.

M-People SMS Desktop Toolbar

Official Website

Popularity and Conversion Rate

This software has been downloaded 507 times.
The average rating is 3.5 of 5.

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M-People SMS Desktop

What’s New in the M-People SMS Desktop Toolbar?

Key features:
* Overview of messages and history
* One-click sending sms messages to one or multiple recipients
* Bulk messages are compressed
* Filing of sent messages
* Management of contacts
* Selectable country code
* Send messages from history
* Optimized for the consumption of bandwidth
* Saving of time for sending sms messages
* Basic senders name and address recovery
* Print to a multi-page pdf file
Note: This is a technical support tool. This program is not responsible for any of your actions in connection with this software.Q:

Function returns null

I have a function which takes in a starting Date and a period.
It should calculate the days between two dates.
It looks like this:
function toDayCount($startingDate, $period, $numDays) {
$stStart = strtotime($startingDate);
$end = strtotime($startDate) + $numDays;

$numDates = date(‘Y-m-d’, $end);
$days = date(‘t’, $end);
$count = $days – $stStart;

return $days;

And I call it like this:
echo $count;

But it’s always returning null. Why? Is it something wrong with my function definition?


try this:
function toDayCount($startingDate, $period, $numDays){
$stStart = strtotime($startingDate);
$end = strtotime($startingDate) + $numDays;

$numDates = date(‘Y-m-d’, $end);
$days = date(‘t’, $end);
$count = $days – $stStart;

return $count;

echo toDayCount($_GET[‘startingDate’], $_GET[‘period’], 13);

when you pass array from function into $_GET, then its name is $_GET[].


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System Requirements For M-People SMS Desktop Toolbar:

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