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Editing video, sound, and Flash

When you create video, audio, and Flash animations, you have a number of choices for the editing process, including Elements. These tools work much the same way they work for images (see the section «Editing Images with Elements,» earlier in this chapter): You create video, audio, or Flash animations by importing an existing file, creating a new file or editing an existing one, and then adding any necessary effects to the video, audio, or Flash.

The following sections describe the tools available in Elements for editing video, sound, and Flash. You also find some tutorials in the Help menu that can guide you as you get started.

## Video

Elements offers several video editing tools. You can trim video, add sound, enhance your image, and even copy, paste, and manipulate video in a very similar way to images (Figure 4-19). Video created in this way can be used with Elements’ other video-editing tools. In addition, you can apply effects to your video as you would with any other image. For example, you can apply filters, exposure, lighting, and borders (if your video uses those effects). Elements’ video tools also include a Mini Workflow Organizer (described later in this chapter) for managing and reviewing your videos.

When you import video, you are prompted to choose the format from the drop-down

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Features of Adobe Photoshop Elements

Some highlights of Adobe Photoshop Elements

Contrary to Photoshop, it contains:

No video editing, video stabilization or video effects, but has the power to edit, stabilize and retouch video sequences.

No Adobe Premiere Elements, although it has audio editing.

No hand-drawn art.

No special effects such as lighting or special textures.

There is no action Layers.

There is no advanced clipping or masking; it has a simple selection tools.

It has no set a pre-set function; it is customizable according to your needs.

Overall, Adobe Photoshop Elements offers a simple way for any user to edit photos and there is a close relationship between the user and the software. The elements in Photoshop are still used, but only by experienced users.

Adobe Photoshop Elements vs. Photoshop: Advanced Features

Adobe Photoshop Elements offers advanced tools when compared to Photoshop, but the basic editing tools are similar. The most significant difference between the two products is that Photoshop is better than Photoshop Elements for advanced users. Here is a list of the difference between the two products.

Adobe Photoshop Elements Editor

Adobe Photoshop Editor

Image Adjustment Tools

The image adjustment tools available in Adobe Photoshop Elements include levels adjustment and curves. They are available in the Adjustments tab on the home screen and can also be accessed through a menu.


There are no layers in Adobe Photoshop Elements. Layers are available in Photoshop.

Image Adjustment Tools

Smart Brush

The smart brush allows you to paint on and detect colors, halos, and shadows. It has several painting options: Soft Edge, Hard Edge, Pencil, Magnetic, and Custom Shape. The latter allows you to adjust paint options.

After Effects

Photoshop is a bit complex for Photoshop Elements. You can edit video sequences in Photoshop Elements as a video editor.

Smart Objects

Images can be combined into a few layers and can be saved as a smart object.

Image Sequences

You can also create image sequences and use them in Photoshop.


You can open images to select a specific layer, which can be moved or created.

Background Removal

You can split your image into layers and delete the background or create a layer mask. This layer mask allows you to remove certain elements from your image without

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